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COILING: Our Coiling Department is comprised of state-of-the-art technology and our dedicated team of artisans employ this technology of the 21st century to its maximum potential. This is imperative to compete in the global marketplace.

(see photos of some of our coilers left & below )

To the right is an extension spring being coiled on a 3 axis 8 action cam CNC coiler. The spring has a finished length of 11", wire is .170" music, and has total number of coils of 44.78.
Fiber Drums, Gaylords, Standard Cartons, Custom Cartons, Tacky Boards, Wires, Bags, etc. are all available packaging options.
SHIPPING: Our Shipping Department offers the latest in bar coded labeling and standardized quantities when applicable. For those who need it we are also EDI capable.

Our barcode labeling system utilizes language 39 and will reduce inventory errors, handling costs and optimize your tracking goals.

The proper packaging is based on numerous factors. The parts' design, weight, pieces per container and EAU. We will provide solutions for efficiency while minimizing wasteful packaging to keep disposal handling or costs down.

(see shipping photos above & below)

QUALITY: In-line computer sorting, probe sensing and capability study methods are used to support the in-process inspection that guarantees the quality level you require throughout the manufacturing operation.

RAW MATERIAL: Patrick Manufacturing utilizes raw material blanket purchasing and material commitments to assure material is on hand and ready to ship to Patrick at a moments notice.The raw material photos show round wire and Martensite strip material. Martensite is a pre-hardened material that does not require heat-treating after stamping. This offers a cost savings in handling, outside service, and increase quality as any chance of distortion is eliminated.
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Please click on the photo to the right and review just a small sample depicting the variety of custom products we manufacture. This photo demonstrates what our state-of-the-art CNC equipment and talented team at Patrick are capable of. Bring on your challenges, Patrick Manufacturing is eager to serve!
OUR REPUTATION SPEAKS VOLUMES: We are entrusted to produce MILLIONS and MILLIONS of springs, wire forms and stampings annually for OEM's - large and small. This is all done at a competitive price, with the utmost quality and dependable delivery.

(see our quality products above, left & below.)
"We Can Do it!"

OUR HAPPY CREW: Pictured below is part of the happy clan at Patrick.

(Pictured below from left to right:)

Pattie Lane
- Sales
Susan McGrail - President
Judy Lang - Shipping Manager
Patrick McGrail - Founder

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