Precision Extension Springs

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Mid To High Volume Extension Springs Are Skillfully Manufactured and Delivered On-time

An extension spring is designed to store energy and exert a pull action. Extension springs have a wide load and deflection range that can be achieved and a constant rate. Extension springs are usually close wound with initial tension and are mostly made from round wire. The design possibilities of extension spring ends are limitless and are expertly manufactured to your specifications. 


  • Unlike compression springs, extension springs do not have a solid stop to prevent overloading.
  • Patrick has over 55 coilers and numerous support equipment producing millions and millions of springs for OEM’s and contract manufacturers around the world. 
  • We have a reputation for manufacturing the widest variety of high volume extension springs used in the cable controls market.
  • Examples of ends: threaded inserts, loops, swivel hooks, twist loop, cross-center loops, side loops, extended hooks, and so on. A loop almost always round has a very small gap, if any. A hook has a much larger gap and can vary in shape.


Patrick has been meeting the needs of our customers since 1984 and was founded on the principle of ‘dedication to the customer’.  As a result of our commitments, we maintain an excellent reputation for exemplary service and quality parts. All of which helps us to earn your confidence now and in the future.  Get your free quote today!

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