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Mandatory Specifications (fill in only those required):

1. To work over mm diameter shaft.

2. Outside Diameter:
a. mm maximum or
b. mm ± mm

3. Inside Diameter:
a. mm minimum or
b. mm ± mm

4. Torque:
N•mm ± N•mm at 1= °.
N•mm ± N•mm at 2= °.

5. Length of space available: mm

6. Maximum wound position:
turns or ° from free position.

7. Length of moment arm (R): mm

8. Direction of helix:

9. Type of ends:

Advisory Data:

1. Wire diameter: mm

2. Mean coil diameter: mm

3. Number of coils:

4. Rate N•mm per turn (360°).

5. F = ° free angle reference.

Special Information:

1. Type of material:

2. Finish:

3. Frequency of rotation, cycles/sec, and working range, = ° to = ° deflection.

4. Operating temperature: °C

5. End use or application:

6. Other:

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